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 L418 Q&A

Q: What is Jesus calling L418 to be and do?

1. L418 has an apostolic calling to be a catalyst for the restoration of the Luke 4:18 ministries to the church. The call will often be counter-cultural in regards to both the present church culture and the secular culture.

2. God has revealed a strategy to fulfilling this call: growing spiritual disciples who live in intimate relationship with God and with each other (Kingdom living). Such Jesus-followers grow to become like Him in character, in daily life in the Kingdom, and in ministry. We are to teach and train people to walk in the revelation of God provided in scripture and in the real-time ministry of the Holy Spirit. As disciples, we are to multiply, making disciples among all ethnic groups (“ethnos”) who become like us as we become like Jesus.

3. God has revealed a method for fulfilling this call: Ministering healing and deliverance by means of Holy Spirit power and revelatory prayer in an open and intimate setting where the priesthood of all believers is activated. We are called to provide a “safe space” for people to practice seeing and hearing in the Spirit, to share what is received with those in need, and to utilize the gifts of the Holy Spirit while ministering in obedience to what Jesus is doing in our midst.

4. God has revealed structures to support this call: Spirit-filled churches and micro-churches where growth in intimacy with God and with each other is common; where we have the opportunity to live together in Koinonia (communion by intimate participation); where the DNA of the ministry is communicated organically among the members; where multiplication among the “ethnos” is simple. These churches and micro-churches are networked together to provide the needed instruction, spiritual covering, and corporate strength to fulfill the call.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is moving to establish such gatherings around the world today as a specific means to restore personal intimacy and spiritual vibrancy within the church. We believe that God has provided us with a vision for how these churches and micro-churches can be networked together so that there can be unity and connectivity in the body of Christ without formal ecclesiastical structures (such as denominations).

We believe that God is anointing such organic churches as living demonstrations of the gospel message to those who have little interest in organized religion or attending large worship services.

About Apostle Gary

Apostle Gary

Apostle Gary has been active in ministry for over 40 years, serving the Lord in Florida, Georgia, and California. He and Sandra have been married for over 40 years and they have 4 adult children (“Our 4 Sons”). Apostle Gary serves as the Lead Apostle for L418 Ministries International, Senior Pastor of L418 in San Diego, and is an ordained pastor with Harvest Network International (HNI).

Apostle Gary was spirit-born during his freshman year of college, accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. He served in the Methodist Church for many years, serving as an Pastoral Assistant in the local church while studying at Candler School of Theology, Emory University. He became involved in healing and deliverance ministries in the 80's while serving as a pastor with Sword and Shield Ministries in Atlanta, GA. He was later an elder and Assistant Pastor at New Covenant Community Church in Atlanta. In San Diego, Apostle Gary served as an elder at Heart of God Church for a number of years and over the last 7 years has been working with L418.

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